a face amidst a crowd

Hellooo everyone. Here’s a poem I wrote. Supposed to be all romantic and stuff. It’s supposed to all be in lower case by the way, ‘cos I can do what I like! Enjoy 🙂 xx


i always walk so fast

as if i could escape

the thousand glances

the thousand smiles

which hide shallow vanities


but amongst the crowd

a single face

stares at me and says

a hundred whispered words

and more


eyes rounded with a flick

gleam expectation

and perhaps possibility,

in bone and flesh

sculpted by beauty


when refinement so divine

looks at you

a thousand figures seem naught at all

mere barrier

to perfect wonder


mere barrier

to you

Wantage Hall History

IMG_20170304_083055_068Picture little old me, just got accepted by Reading University and ready to find out which halls I have been assigned. ‘Ping’, oh look I’ve got an email, I’ve been given a room in Wantage Hall. Wonder what that place is like…

Baron Robert Wantage was born in 1832. By all accounts he seems to have been quite a lad. He was awarded one of the first Victoria Crosses for his service in the Crimean war, and devoted much of his later life to public service. He had no children though, so when he died in 1901 he left only a widow; Lady Harriet Wantage.

IMG_20160924_082457Now if you’re struggling to imagine more of a lad than Robert, then let me present to you his wife. She had a “great personality” and was “admired and revered by all who knew her” (I can’t reference these quotes by the way). In honour of her late husband, and to use up some of his massive fortune, she offered to build a Hall of Residence for use by Reading University.

The hall, designed by architect Charles Steward-Smith, was the first purpose-built Hall of Residence outside of Oxford and Cambridge. Around the central quad there stands a clocktower and bell, a common room, oriel windows, two impressive Magnolia trees (removed in 2017, what a tragedy!) and a grand dining hall. The Wantage motto is Astra castra, Numen lumen (the stars are my camp, thy name, my light).

Over its hundred year history the hall has housed flight instructors during the First World War, and appeared in scenes in Private’s Progress in 1956. It is still in use today, with the addition of a ‘new court’ in 1970 (a far inferior part of the establishment). That’s my history lesson done, hope it interests some of you 🙂


When Vipers Sing (Poem)

I see you crippled by the endless pains

Which claw at the mind and senses.

I see the nest of vipers whisper

Behind your back and

Sing songs of themselves.

They wrap the truth in skins of fruits

That are long since past their prime.

Some do think you cannot fight

Yet you fought in years of recent past.

Smite the vipers one by one

And beat this darkness alone.

Aaron Richards (Young Mycroft Holmes) Interview

mycroft-1The fourth (and possibly final) series of Sherlock came to an explosive end on Sunday. I spoke to Aaron Richards who played a young Mycroft Holmes in flashback scenes, to find out about his experience filming the show.


Hi Aaron. Really enjoyed the flashback scenes in the latest episode. How many days were you filming for?

Umm well, I was only filming for 2 days. However young Sherlock was filming for much longer than me.

mycroft2What was it like working on the set of such a large-scale production?

It was really enjoyable to see the behind the scenes and work alongside some great actors. The sets were amazing and the cast were really friendly!

Did you have to keep your involvement secret or could you talk about your role before the episode aired?

No, I couldn’t publicise it. I signed a contract of secrecy.

mycroft-3Did you get to meet any of the main cast whilst filming?

I met Mark Gatiss and Benedict Cumberbatch. They were both extremely kind and friendly.

Did Mark Gatiss give you any particular instructions on how to play the character of Mycroft?

He was giving me small pointers as I was acting, from off-screen. Just the ways Mycroft would react with sharing, family and food etc.


Thank you Aaron for speaking to me. If anybody is interested in my Sherlock filming locations video, it can be found here.

Whispers in the Mind (Poem)

Why do the whispers in the mind

And scissor blades upon the skin

Inspire in me, so deep within

Words to feed my hungry soul.

And why does anger light the spark

Igniting fire within that dark

And destitute pit of trite.

No other time, does my hand move

And start to scrawl, with coarse approve

Verse perhaps with some slight worth.

I see within those strokes of pen

The grace of sound, and maybe then

My tortured, cheated, doomed pretence

Makes, to me, a little sense.

Bath Christmas Market

Sophie, my number one home dawg, goes to Bath University, so we planned a little squad trip to visit her, and check out the famous Bath Christmas Market at the same time.

The market, which has been running since 2000, is one of the largest in the UK. Reams and reams of little sheds are placed around the city’s various squares, and around Bath Cathedral. Various small companies then fill these sheds, and sell to the artsy middle-classes who visit.

My favourite stalls were any handing out free samples of cheese! Oh good lord, I do love cheese.

Is This the Way to Amarillo? (Parody)

Going travelling around Europe and having nothing to show for it except a load of photos and a slightly higher appreciation of culture?

Nope, we couldn’t resist but make a video on our little holiday, and here it is. We made it as a parody to Peter Kay’s 2005 music video for Tony Christie’s song Is This the Way to Amarillo?

To read about our trip, check out my articles on; Venice, Budapest and Athens.