Forgotten Disneys

I grew up in a time, when the magic of film was just beginning to come into the light.

For children like me, we did not need action-packed, high budgeted films to keep us happy, but a good old Disney video would get us through the day.

Disney’s are not what they used to be.

A Disney, in my eyes, will always be one of those old-fashioned cartoons that you never get bored of watching. And yet if you ask the young generation of today; what such delights as Fantasia, Bambi or the Lion King are. Few could answer.

it breaks my heart to know that these timeless classics are beginning to disperse and new, American comedies are taking their place.

For instance the Lion King, still my favorite animation movie and musical. And yet since then, the legacy of the Lion King has been ruined with spin offs such as The Lion King 2, The Lion King 3 and Timone and Pumba’s adventures.

My one consolation is that nowadays, more and more of these old films are being released in 3D. This at least gives the young generation a chance to get to know the true magic of Disney.


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