Being the kind, delightful and charming young man I am, I am often concerned for the welbeing of others. In this case those others are owls.

I came across this charity a few weeks ago and since then have been following it vigorously to find out more about the amazing work they do.

The Suffolk Owl Sanctuary works hard at preserving owls and other such birds of prey. They take in lost or injured owls and work rehabilitating them for the wild. They also have a scheme where members of the public can ‘adopt’ their own owls and sponsor their upkeep.

I thoroughly think that this is a really worthy cause and that any animal lover should look into it.

For more information go to:

P.S. I would also like to thank geniuswords and lifeofcowie for nominating me for the Versitile blogger award, which is a great honor. If anyone else wants to nominate me as well then be my guest.


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