A Study of Sherlock

How often is it that we find a TV drama that we find generally interesting and exciting? Not very often I hear you cry.

Sherlock is one of those rarities. Brilliantly written, well thought through and a perfect twist on the original Sherlock Holmes books.

Sherlock follows the trails of two detectives (played by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman). The first, Sherlock, is a highly intellectual sociopath who is so anyoning the audiance can’t help but fall in love with him. The other is the calmly rational and dignified John Watson, a retired Army doctor from Afghanistan.

And so steadily we learn more about these two characters as they solve mysteries from the mysterious lady in pink (loosely based on ‘A study in Scarlet’) to the mysterious hounds of Baskerville (loosely based on ‘The hound of the Baskervilles’)

The story is made complete with an aray of brilliantly chosen sideline characters from DI Greg Lestrade, the mysterious Mycroft Holmes and fussy old Mrs Hudson.

I would definitely recommend this show to anybody who enjoys TV drama. It is the perfect balance between comedy, drama and mystery.

If you have not seen this brilliant drama then firstly where have you been living for the past two years and secondly, get out there and buy it!!!


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  1. geniuswords says:

    Reblogged this on geniuswords and commented: I love this blog. If you ignore the occasional spelling mistakes, there is some really great stuff here! I particularly enjoyed the Sherlock post as I am such a big fan of the series myself. Keep blogging, VlarVlar!

  2. geniuswords says:

    This is great! I love this TV series, and agree with everything you have said. Keep blogging and I will be coming back for more!

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