My Top Ten Reads

Being a quick reader can both be a blessing but also a curse and I am currently (not for the first time) at a loss for what to read.

Today I am going to be sharing with you, my top ten favourite books hoping that when you are stuck for book ideas, you can come here.

Please note that this list does not contain books from series.

10. River Boy – Tim Bowler

A strange one this is. At the time it was better than when I’m looking back. It concerns a young girl who is obsessed with swimming and is on holiday to a lakeside video with her parents and grandfather. Her grandfather is dying of cancer and yet he wants to finish his last painting by the riverside; River boy.

9. The truth about Leo – David Yelland

A young boy, still struggling with the death of his mother, is living with his alcoholic father. His father is getting worse and worse and soon Leo risks losing his mother’s memories forever.

8. The Switch – Anthony Horowitz

Two children, living in two different worlds. Tad son of tow of the richest people in the world and Bob the young circus boy trapped in a life of crime. And yet when a wish comes true and these two boys swap places they know that they will never live life the same again.

7. My sister lives on the mantel piece – Annabel Pitcher

Jamie’s sister Rose is dead, blown up in a terrorist attack. His parents are still living with the grief and Rose’s twin Jasmine is still living with the grief. Jamie just wants life to go back to normal.

I don’t think the storyline is that good on this one however I do think that it is extremely well written.

6. Half Brother – Kenneth Oppel

As the result of a scientific experiment, Ben’s family is adopting a young chimpanzee to monitor how it grows up in a human environment. Little do they know how much trouble this monkey will cause.

5. Holes – Louis Sachar

Stanley is convicted for stealing a pair of shoes and is sent to work at Camp Greenlake. An establishment where everybody digs holes. However soon Stanley unearths the truth behind Camp Greenlake.

4. Millions – Frank Cottrell Boyce

Told from the point of view of Damian, a ten year old dyslexic boy, we see the tale of the two brothers who find Millions of pounds.

3. Watership Down – Richard Adams

One of the most moving classics I have ever read it tells the tale of a gang or rabbits who set sail to find a new home after their forest was destroyed. This novel is truly brilliant and I would recommend it to anyone.

2. Exchange – Paul Magrs

Very close to coming first this one, it’s all about a boy who lives with his grandparents. He and his nan both share a passion for reading. Then one day they stumble across and new and magical bookshop; The Exchange.

1. Junk – Melvin Burgess

Probably the best, young adult, book I have ever read. Junk follows the story of two teenagers, Tar and Gemma, as they confront the world of heroin and fall spectacularly.

Well thank you for reading all of that, it is actually quite long. How do you feel for a spin off? Worst ten books maybe? Well bye for now.


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