Top 5 Book Series

After the brilliant post I did a few days ago, I set my mind on thinking up a sequel. However, whilst browsing through my book collection, I found that I have not read many bad books and most of the ones I have had been put down after the first few pages.

And so I turned my attention to those book series that everybody loves. Book series give you the chance to get to know the characters and the on-going storylines in a way that normal books don’t. Here goes.

5. Children of the red king – Jenny Nimmo

This eight-part series tells the tale of Charlie Bone as he discovers about his ancestor, the red King and the powers his descendants have inherited.

In my opinion I feel that this series (as a child’s series) is a little complex and very unrealistic. However the series does suck you in making you want to discover more about the Red King’s world.

4. Echo Falls Trilogy – Peter Abrahams

Echo Falls, a town where nothing is as it seems, and Ingrid Levin-Hill a young girl fantasising about life as a detective. This trilogy is full of great deceiving mysteries as well as on-going storylines between the characters.

3. Power of Five – Anthony Horowitz

10,000 years ago, the world was in turmoil and under the control of the all-powerful Old Ones. However the Old Ones were defeated by the five, five children who had the control to banish these beings.

Today the Old Ones are awakening again and the five children are reborn.

2. Harry Potter – JK Rowling

Everybody knows this one, the story about the boy wizard who finds out about the magical world, hidden from Muggles.

The only surprise here is how Harry Potter didn’t get the top spot was not because Harry Potter has any particular faults (all though the first few books are badly written) it is mainly because number one is so brilliant.

1. His Dark Materials trilogy – Philip Pullman

I love the word trilogy.

This timeless classic, written spectacularly and containing such varying themes, is set in a parallel universe where people’s souls (dæmons) walk beside them in the shape of animals. But this world is disrupted by corruption. Children are being taken and a hole between the universes is being blown open.

I love this series, the first book; Northern Lights is probably my favourite ever book (the only reason it was not included in the last post was because that post did not contain books from series).

Coolio, that was fun. Reading over that list definitely makes you remember all the great books there are out there.

Check regularly for updates on my blog, what might I write about next?


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    Landed here from over Cowie’s blog. Liked it a lot. Following now. 🙂

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