Sweatshops to Superdry

Sweatshops are one of the unavoidable sins of the twenty first century. No matter where we buy our clothes, at whatever expense and from whatever source the truth is that they probably started life off in a sweatshop.

Sweatshops are small and cramped buildings in poor countries. These buildings are likely to be the size of a small classroom and usually have about 30 men and women working really hard in cramped, hot conditions making clothes for very little pay. Ever wondered how Primark sells their clothes so cheap, well it’s probably because the workers who made it only get a hundredth of the price for which it was sold.

Unfortunately there is very little awareness of this terrible issue. Just remember, when you are picking T-Shirts off the rack. Just remember where they came from.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I could not agree more that is why for fair trading clothes when possible! It discuss me the conditions and pay these adults/children get payed. So even if you do insist on getting big labels think where it started

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