The Great Elastic Band Chase 2009-2012

In September 2009 I started Secondary School and this meant a thirty minute walk to school every morning (and thirty minutes home again).

While walking I noticed that the pavement was littered with red elastic bands, dropped by the postman, I’m sure you know the ones I mean. They were on every street, in large piles by the post box. And instinctively I began to pick them up. And so my collection began to grow.

Quite soon I decided to make this little hobby into a scientific experiment. I could measure the amount of bands dropped, by picking up every one I saw. This would be a great way to measure the amount of money wasted by the Postal service as well as the effects on the environment.

For three years now, I have been picking up bands and now have a collection of 3094, 3541 if you count a load my friends gave to me as a Christmas present.

As you can see from the graph below (not above) my overall collecting has significantly risen, especially between 2009-10 and 2010-2011. However the reason for this may have been because I am picking up the bands more nowadays.

There has been a very slight increase from 2010-2011 to 2011-2012. From my observations I think the peak of my collecting has been late last year when there were loads to be found however now the supply has sum what dried up.

I thoroughly intend to keep my little experiment going and have already started picking up bands for next year’s collection. For my next update come back in one year!


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  1. geniuswords says:

    I like the stylish little fly looking cool on one of your elastic bands (not being sarcastic). Es muy guay!

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