Harry Potter Studio Tours

Yesterday I got the pleasure of visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tours. It is a Harry Potter fan’s dream. The whole place was packed with sets, costumes, props and even interviews with the creators and actors of Harry Potter. In this article I will be running you through some of the best bits about my visit.

To start off (after the half hour wait to get in) you watch a few introduction videos, which tell you a bit about what you are going to see. You then go into one of the most highly anticipated sets. The Great Hall.

Just seeing this amazing and recognisable set is magic in itself, but there was also a great number of character’s costumes lining the walls.

Next you go into a huge room with a display of the different props and sets that were used. Among them were Hagrid’s hut, Hogwarts Gate, The Burrow Kitchen, The Gringotts cart, Harry Potter’s Dormitory, Tom Riddle’s Diary and many other wonders.

Also here was the set of Dumbledore’s Office. This was another example of the immense work and effort that went into the Harry Potter films. Every single memory bottle was hand labelled, and every book was leather bound individually.

Next was an outside area where we could view some of the outdoor sets including Privet Drive, The Knight Bus and The Hogwarts Covered Bridge.

The Last section of the tours shows us the other areas of creating Harry Potter. Here we say how the electronic props were made as well as the effort that has gone into designing and building the sets. Last of all we came to the Hogwarts model. This is a massive 1:24 scale model of Hogwarts. It has been used on the first six films (Deathly Hallows Part 2 was computerised) and has been made to minuscule detail. Every window has lights, every door handle was individually sculptured and even the weather vain was hand made out of bronze.

So that was the end of my tour. If any of you Potter fans haven’t seen it yet then what are you waiting for?


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