How are chairs like Facebook?

As most Facebook users will know, recently Facebook has hit the 1 billion users target. And although this number probably contains scores of users who are:

  1. Not real.
  2. Duplicate accounts.
  3. Pets or soft toys.
  4. Dead.

Facebook still thought it necessary to launch a brand new advert to mark this occasion. Please note this is only a shortened version of the ad.

Now most of you will agree with me that this advert is, for use of the common phrase, pathetic. I don’t think anybody has ever looked at a chair and though “My oh my, this chair really reminds me of Facebook”. I think I am also right in saying that this applies to aeroplanes, doorbells, bridges and; for some even more bizarre reason, basketball.

Another poor point was about halfway through when the makers of the advert were obviously at a loss to find something else people share. I quote:

“about ideas, and music and other things that people share.”

Facebook has obviously taken a gamble with this advert and, for me, it hasn’t paid off.


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