A bit of Cabin Pressure Appraisal

It has only recently occurred to me that my experience in listening to radio programs is minimal. So that was why when my friend recommended the highly popular radio sitcom; Cabin Pressure, I was very sceptical. However after uploading all the episodes to my iPod, and sitting down to listen to it, I was immediately enthralled.

Cabin Pressure is a highly acclaimed radio sitcom which has entertained audiences with 3 series and 1 Christmas special. Running since 2008 it stars well-known actors Stephanie Cole, Roger Allam, Benedict Cumberbatch, John Finnemore (also the show’s writer) and Anthony Head.

It focuses on the travels of a small charter airline; MJN air with its CEO Carolyn Knapp-Shappey, failed Pilot Martin Crieff, Co-Pilot Douglas Richardson and steward Arthur Shappey.

Together they fly all over the world, taking stag parties to Rome, film stars to Italy and rich gentleman Mr Birling to wherever the six nations rugby final is happening.

Along the way they get into various fixes whilst we learn new things about the crew…


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