Winter’s first snowfall

When I’m having breakfast I usually sit facing away from the window, whereas my mother and brother sit facing the window, so when they spent the whole of the morning talking about snow I had not idea that I was in fact snowing.

Ahhhhh winter’s first snowfall. I know everyone moans about it being a pain and the fact that young children become positively manic around it but I still can’t stop the child-like zest filling me whenever I see a landscape covered in snow. The wonderful crunch under your foot when you step on it and the fact that it makes playing ‘Yellow-car’ on your own so much more interesting due to the thick blanket of snow.

The best thing about snow is that it is the first true sign of winter and the long-anticipated Christmas holidays.

The snow has most-about gone now. It was falling heavily enough this morning but now nothing. Never mind. It was nice when it lasted (3hours).



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