Dear God, Top Gear’s back

I would not say I’m a massive fan of Top Gear, I’ve certainly never sat down and properly enjoyed viewing a whole episode. However if I’m flicking through the channels and come across a Top Gear episode I sometimes stay on it and watch it. I’m not a fan of the whole show, I don’t really get what’s cool about seeing one of various American celebrities driving round a track while Jeremy Clarkson sits and makes fun of them, nor do I want to hear James May’s monotonous tones narrating various shots of some new car racing round a track. But the thing I’m after is the challenges, they never cease to be different, creative and also quite funny.

The Top Gear Presenters Return

Whether they are racing around India in cheap cars, or even creating their own trains the challenge is always the best part of the show. In the first episode of the new Series 19, Jeremy Clarkson set of to create the smallest car ever built. His invention (the V45) basically was a thin metal suit that could cover you with wheels and a petrol engine which was perfectly legal to drive it on roads and motorways. Another perk was that you could take it within a department store or even lift due to an electric engine which can be connected to power the car (which had its downsides when it stopped working whilst Clarkson was in the middle of the British Library). After that Clarkson decided to pitch the car to the Dragons of Dragons Den however ruining it by answering  Deborah Meaden’s question of “Why are your arms wet?” with “because I got water on them,” and saying to Duncan Bannatyne “I’m sorry I can’t understand a word your saying.”

So although I’ve never watched a full episode or even follower a series before, maybe Series 19 maybe different.

The V45

A Mock Interview

DSC01119Oh I am getting old aren’t I as it was only one week ago that I had my first interview. Not a proper jobby interview just a mock one at school but still very daunting.

We had known about it for month, the date January 23rd being branded into our brains however when its still early September you seem to forget about these things until suddenly time has flown and the thing is upon you. I had to get a suit (which I looked very handsome in J) and also had to write a CV!

So on the day we were all lined up, and all the interviewers (essentially a bunch of old and tired people with jobs) were sitting in the hall looking up at us. My guy, a Mr John Wareing looked very stern although when you get to know him (as much as you can in an interview) he turned out to be a lovely guy.

He asked me some questions – “What words would your three best friends say about you?” and “Would you say you work better on your team or on your own?”. Evidently I came out with the perfect answers excluding – “Would you say you are a truthful person?” “Yes I don’t lie often.” At which he looked at me weirdly.

So the moral of the story is, nope no moral. ‘twas fun though.


Spot of Revision

Ok well hello to all you guys who either really love my blog and are checking for an update and also those of you who have been hoodwinked by Google and won’t even read this as you’ve probably gone already.

It has occurred to me frequently over the last week that I haven’t blogged much recently which is partly because I have a paramount pile of homework to do and partly ‘cos I don’t have much to blog about.

Anyway I’m just doing a spot of late revision (I have done it before today but there’s nothing like last minute cram-it-all-in-why the-hell-don’t-i-know-this time!

I realise that this were not a proper blog post but I really must go. Cheerio (that rhymed)!

Some revision notes

A bad blogger?

IMG_2043Is it completely unreasonable for someone with no knowledge in the fanciful world of blogging to unreasonably call me a bad blogger? I shall answer your question; yes it is.
Today a boy I will not name (M*t***w *o***s) insulted me with the accusation that I am a ‘bad blogger’ which very offended me. I know my skills may not be everyone’s cup of tea (more a cup of coffee). However for someone who doesn’t own a blog nor do they check much mine, I am warning you M*t***w, do not say that again.

Football in the snow

tumblr_mejs03Fnw11rp1uaio1_1280For the most part of the 14 years I have been on this earth, I imagined that standing in a field, soaking and covered in snow while a bunch of lunatic teenagers run around you kicking a football as if their life depended on it would be quite a horrible experience.

However when you are actually in that situation, when you are being led with incredulity onto a muddy playing field in heavy snowfall and expected to play football, you find that it is far worse than ‘a horrible experience’.

Window Art

I always say (well actually I don’t) that it’s the small things in life that get you really excited.
Take this Friday at Explorers. It was a cold day and, what do you know, the windows are all steamed up and, being the lonely adolescents me and my friends are, we naturally started drawing on them.

My tortoise
I myself produced a very lovely lorry which, on second viewing looked very much like a tortoise. My friend made a face and a pretty pathetic rainbow. What an exciting life!



Some Great-Great Grandparents

Whilst working on my family tree, I found a photo of my father’s father’s father’s parents. In other words my great-great grandparents. There they are in the middle.

bull 009

It is very curious as it is a similar kind of photo as another one of my mother’s mother’s mother’s parents, another lot of my great-great grandparents.

people 001

It shows how, even though these families probably had no interaction, the photos that were taken in the same time were of almost identical style. They may even have been done by the same photographer. You never know!