The Battle of Helmsdeep

McKayla2towersIt’s been an everlasting conundrum for me as I cannot seem to work out whether I prefer the book or film versions of the Lord of the Rings. The film is more concise and the action scenes are better (well of course, you can see them) however the book gives you all the background description to the ways and creatures of middle earth which I think is masked in the film version by the landscape shots.

However a specific scene I am certain about is the Battle of Helmsdeep. The film version is way better, no competition. All that really happened in the book was that Aragron, Legolas and Éomer ran around getting incredibly tried and always looking out of windows at the massive army but not doing much about it. During this Legolas seems to spend pages in deciding where to shoot his last arrow and Aragorn and Éomer get so tired they need to use their swords as leaning post instead of going somewhere and fighting with them.

The battle was very very modified into the film version and considering it’s the best bit of the film, I don’t think anyone can moan. The best thing about the film was that we got to see some tactics. The elven warriors (not in the book but who cares) firing a folly of arrows at the orcs, the Uruk-hai using ladders to scale the ramparts and the last warriors charging out the meet the remainder of the enemy. Gandalf’s role was also changed so that it was more clear that he was the pivotal pillar (oh that is very good) to the Rohans winning the battle.

Definitely the film version, definitely. DEFO!!!



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