A Mock Interview

DSC01119Oh I am getting old aren’t I as it was only one week ago that I had my first interview. Not a proper jobby interview just a mock one at school but still very daunting.

We had known about it for month, the date January 23rd being branded into our brains however when its still early September you seem to forget about these things until suddenly time has flown and the thing is upon you. I had to get a suit (which I looked very handsome in J) and also had to write a CV!

So on the day we were all lined up, and all the interviewers (essentially a bunch of old and tired people with jobs) were sitting in the hall looking up at us. My guy, a Mr John Wareing looked very stern although when you get to know him (as much as you can in an interview) he turned out to be a lovely guy.

He asked me some questions – “What words would your three best friends say about you?” and “Would you say you work better on your team or on your own?”. Evidently I came out with the perfect answers excluding – “Would you say you are a truthful person?” “Yes I don’t lie often.” At which he looked at me weirdly.

So the moral of the story is, nope no moral. ‘twas fun though.



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