Dear God, Top Gear’s back

I would not say I’m a massive fan of Top Gear, I’ve certainly never sat down and properly enjoyed viewing a whole episode. However if I’m flicking through the channels and come across a Top Gear episode I sometimes stay on it and watch it. I’m not a fan of the whole show, I don’t really get what’s cool about seeing one of various American celebrities driving round a track while Jeremy Clarkson sits and makes fun of them, nor do I want to hear James May’s monotonous tones narrating various shots of some new car racing round a track. But the thing I’m after is the challenges, they never cease to be different, creative and also quite funny.

The Top Gear Presenters Return

Whether they are racing around India in cheap cars, or even creating their own trains the challenge is always the best part of the show. In the first episode of the new Series 19, Jeremy Clarkson set of to create the smallest car ever built. His invention (the V45) basically was a thin metal suit that could cover you with wheels and a petrol engine which was perfectly legal to drive it on roads and motorways. Another perk was that you could take it within a department store or even lift due to an electric engine which can be connected to power the car (which had its downsides when it stopped working whilst Clarkson was in the middle of the British Library). After that Clarkson decided to pitch the car to the Dragons of Dragons Den however ruining it by answering  Deborah Meaden’s question of “Why are your arms wet?” with “because I got water on them,” and saying to Duncan Bannatyne “I’m sorry I can’t understand a word your saying.”

So although I’ve never watched a full episode or even follower a series before, maybe Series 19 maybe different.

The V45


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