Sorry I haven’t blogged recently. Half the time I didn’t have internet and the over half I probably spent eating or sleeping or generally doing nothing.

The other day I was scrolling through one of my most favourite website pages; Benedict Cumberbatch’s IMDb page, when I saw among the list of generally awesome films a small TV series in which Benedict had a recurring role. This show was called Fortysomething.

Fortysomething cast

It is set around the life of Paul Slippery (played by Hugh Laurie someone I recognise for being in Stuart Little and 101 Dalmatians). He’s a doctor and in short he’s pretty messed up. He has a wife Estelle (Anna Chancellor from Pramface) and three sex-obsessed sons of which the eldest is played by Benedict.

During the series Paul jumps to many wrong conclusions including the fact that his wife is having an affair and is continuously made a fool of by his greatly more intelligent children.

Although I wish it were otherwise it was not Benedict Cumberbatch who gave the star performance in this show but actually Hugh Laurie (yes I know he’s the main character so shut your face). Also Peter Capaldi who played Slippery’s work college and rival gave an excellent performance, I dunno why he just did.



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  1. geniuswords says:

    Have you only just discovered this? I agree that Hugh Laurie gave a brilliant performance, but I found Peter Capaldi really creepy (which was probably intended). But still…

    1. VlarVlar says:

      Creepy yes, but it is thy which makes him all the more brilliant!

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