Last night was the last episode of a Six-Part BBC Series, Blandings. It stars Timothy Spall as clueless earl and owner of a massive castle and indeed massive pig; Clarence Threepwood.

He lives in Blandings castle with his controlling sister Lady Constance (Jenifer Saunders) and Butler Sebastian Beach (Mark Williams). He also has a, shall I say, rather odd son Frederick (Jack Farthing) who is constantly visiting, mainly looking for money to repay his gambling debts. The series revolves around this set-up.


Although this was quite a light-hearted historical drama I’m afraid it did get a bit repetitive at times. There are only so-many nieces a man can have and all of Clarence’s seemed to spend their time just sitting about sorry for themselves about not being able to marry whom they choose (bloody hell just marry him). Two of the six episodes revolved around Clarence trying to rid the castle of Baxter, a personal assistant hired for him by his sister (although marvellously played by David Walliams).

Jack Farthing, someone I’d never seen, heard sbout or cared about before this show gave a great performance. I really don’t know whether his painfully annoying posh accent was real or put-on!



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