A history of violence

couv_a-history-of-violenceNowadays I tend to find myself watching films, not because I’ve seen the trailer or it has been recommended to me, but because it has a certain actor in it. In the case of ‘A history of violence’ it was Viggo Mortensen, a man I know for playing Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings, who lured me into watching it.

It follows a man named Tom Stall who kills two men in self defence when they produce a gun in his coffee shop. After this he becomes a village hero until another man, Carl Fogarty, turns up in Tom’s bar claiming to know him and addressing him as Joey Cusack. This guy continues to follow Tom around, always addressing him as Joey. He wants Tom to come with him and as Tom keeps refusing he kidnaps Tom’s son. Then there is another fight-scene-thingy and Tom (who is actually Joey and has a history of Violence) kills him.

A brilliant film with some truly wonderful fight scene (yes I’m a boy so I like fight scenes). I especially liked the one where Tom/Joey shoots his brother in the head. The acting was great both from Mortensen (Tom), Maria Bello (his wife) and Ed Harris (Carl Fogarty).

I wouldn’t really recommend this film to younger watchers as it has lots of blood, death and swearing however I would to any other person who is bored and has a spare hour and a half.



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