The Hobbit! – 1966 Film

hobbit‘The Hobbit!’ is a 1966 adaptation of JRR Tolkein’s legendary novel. It is famous, not only for being the first adaptation of the Hobbit but also for doing the inconceivable and condensing the whole story into just 12minuetes. Perhaps Jackson could have got some ideas from there.

I would like this ‘film’ as it were, if there were not so many drastic changes to the storyline. Instead of 13 dwarves there are just two men (Thorin Oakenshield) and a women, or princess to be precise, who falls in love with Bilbo. Bilbo is also portrayed as a mighty, destined warrior whos destiny is the kill Smaug (or Slag as he is renamed). This film also cuts out the entire trip to Rivendell as well as the eagles, Beron and the battle of the Five Armies. It also portrays Gandalf more like Saruman, as a wise magician who sits in a tower and foretells the future.

So if the story was told as it actually happened, I think it would be a great way to tell the story. The animation is excellent and even the voices (all done by one man) were great.



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