Can a G-Wiz fit in a van?

At my explorers and before that scouts, a lot of our time was spent teasing our Scout leader about his frankly microscopic car. It’s one of those G-Wiz cars, the sort that has “Yes It’s Electric!” printed on the back.

However last week something different happened. Our leader who seemed to be a bit bored with a group of teenagers who seemed to be content to sit around and play scrabble wondered whether he could fit his G-Wiz into his van.

This into this

Most of the time was spent emptying the van (maybe that was his intention) however soon the car was driven up some rampy-thing and into the back of the van. So if you ever want to know whether something the size of an overinflated beach-ball can fit in the back of a van, the answer is yes it can.

It fits!


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  1. ... says:

    The first 2 letters of that number plate make the initials of my English teacher

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