A late Anniversary

curved edgesI’ve known for quite a long time that my blog’s anniversary is on the 22nd of April. I’ve been planning a great post for months, something that will stand out, maybe even a brand new advert. However when the times came for my anniversary I had not prepared any of this for, incredibly, I forgot about it.

It would be nice to have a post about your anniversary ON your anniversary but this is better than nothing. What’s a week when I’ve been going a year?

A year! A year! I know, a fairly moderate amount of time for a blog to be going. I’m not so surprised about this length of time (God, it’s felt more like 4 years) but I’m more surprised that I have been regularly blogging for that amount of time.

So everybody, please be nice and comment on this post and like it, and follow my blog, and like my facebook page, and tweet to me on twitter, and recommend me to your friend and print out posters and stick them around wherever. Or alternatively you could just stop reading now.

Northern Lights by Philip Pullman

CIMG9143There are many books in the world where one read simply doesn’t do them justice. There are some books that have to be read, if not over and over again, at least more than once. Three of these such books are Northern Light, the Subtle Knife and the Amber Spyglass, or ‘His Dark Materials’ if you want to sound fancy.

Northern Lights focuses around the young girl Lyra, who lives in a world parallel to our own. This world has many differences. The North is ruled by a kingdom of vicious, talking Ice Bears whilst the skies are roamed by clans of witches. However the main difference is that people’s souls walk beside them in animal forms known as Dæmons. Lyra lives in the stately; Jordan College where she has been left by her uncle Asriel when her parents were killed in an airship accident. However her care-free life is destroyed one day when, hiding in a cupboard in the strictly out-of-bounds retiring room, she saves her uncle from an attempt to kill him by poison. Soon she is whisked away from Jordan College by the evil Mrs Coulter (who turns out to be Lyra’s real mother whilst Lord Asriel is her father) and then rescued by the boat-dwelling Gyptians who take her with them on a mission to the North to recover children stolen by ‘The Gobblers’.

This for me was a great book with a brilliant storyline and superb writing style. The first chapter stood out the most for being brilliantly written and subtly (see what I did there) revealing tiny details which become vital throughout the rest of the trilogy.

I particularly like how Pullman has subtly modified everything about our lives to create Lyra’s parallel universe, from Geography, place names, language, fashion, religion and knowledge of science.

This first book was the basis for the movie ‘The Golden Compass’. But don’t get me started on that. I hated that film, and I mean HATED it.

COMING SOON! I review the next in the trilogy; The Subtle Knife.

RIP Margaret Thatcher

Margaret_ThatcherYesterday saw the passing of Margaret Thatcher.

She was a woman, and her gender is quite important here as she remains to be the only ever female, British Prime Minister.

I can’t say I know much about her and what I do know mostly comes through her Wikipedia page which I read before reading this article.

As I hear she was born into a family where her father owned two grocery shops, and lived above the larger of the two.

Before she became Prime Minister she had a series of roles within British Parliament: first as Education Sectary and the leader of the opposition. I’m really not very good at obituaries.

She became Prime Minister in 1979 and resigned in 1990.

Margaret Thatcher lived the remaining few years of her life in bad health before dying of a stroke in 2013.

Here’s a picture of current Prime Minister; David Cameron, paying tribute to Margaret Thatcher.

David Cameron makes statement on the death of Margaret Thatcher

Sherlock Filming Locations Trip

A few days ago, me and my good friend Tim went on a little trip to London and visited many of the locations used to shot scenes from Sherlock. We made this little documentary about the day. Enjoy everybody!

A shrine for Sherlock

Today me and my friend went on a trip to London where we toured some of the many places Sherlock has been filmed. When we got to St Bartholomew’s Hospital and the place where Sherlock faked his death, we found a phone box which had been converted into a shrine of messages for the dead detective.

Some intresting messages

Someone has artistic skill


And so of course we felt we must contribute ourselves.


The Fault in our Stars by John Green

The fault in our starsI read ‘The Fault in our Stars’ by John Green, for two reasons. Firstly everybody I knew seemed to have read it and secondly, it had a really cool cover.

It tells the story of Hazel, a girl with cancer who is using a constant stream of drugs to keep her alive. One day, at a Cancer support group she visits, she meets Augustus Waters and evidently she has to fall in love with him.

The story then progresses. Hazel and Augustus go to Holland to meet Hazel’s favourite author who turns out to be a drunk, whilst nearing the end of the book Augustus’ cancer comes back and kills him.

In my opinion the storyline wasn’t a particularly strong one, or maybe I’m just not cut out for romance novels. However I do think that John Green wrote the book superbly. The first few chapters especially had a firm writing style and made you really connect and emotionalise with Hazel.

Out of ten? I would give this book an eight.