The Brig Society Recording – Episodes 1 & 2

11899_635947326420795_1117507062_nYesterday I went to another radio recording. Yay! This time it was for a brand new sitcom; The Brig Society, starring Marcus Brigstocke.

Basically what happens is in each episode, Marcus volunteers to do some work for his local community and ends up being put in charge of whatever he volunteers for. The series (or at least the two episodes I saw) also stars Margaret Cabourn-Smith (Newsjack, 946626_635947469754114_207665429_nJohn Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme, Do the Right Thing), William Andrews (Sorry I’ve got no Head) and Rufus Hound (who has most probably been in some stuff).

The show was being recorded at RADA, which is by far my favourite studio out of the two I’ve been too. Being recorded were the first two episodes. The first (and the better) was when Marcus was put in charge of his 525238_635947676420760_474970956_nlocal hospital and the second when Marcus became a local fashion icon.

One of the things I love about radio recordings is that the audience do not just come in, sit down, laugh, clear off. The actors really do try to interact with the audience as much as possible. The producers and that the actors always try to provide added amusement which is very nice, especially as 405854_635947753087419_910051166_nit’s free. At the Now Show for instance, Hugh Dennis conducted the audience in a laughing Mexican Wave and this time Marcus Brigstocke went round the audience being highly critical about what some of them were wearing.

The shows were good, however were both an hour long which meant we were sitting there quite a long time. The show also had a 941768_635947789754082_1721358310_ntendency to spend far too long on certain jokes which made it boring if those jokes weren’t very funny anyway.

After the show we hung around and met some of the cast. I’d already met Mr Marcus Brigstocke so I simply told him that I admired his work on the childrens TV show ‘Stupid’ which was good when I was about six, but looking back it was kind of pathetic. 603740_635947799754081_723385906_nWe also met Rufus Jones (whose script I got) and then Maragret Cabourn-Smith! The actual Maragaret Cabourn-Smith!

(For those of you who don’t know who she is, she’s been in John Finnemore’s Souvinere Programme and comedy Podcast; Do the Right Thing). We had a lovely chat with her. She told me I was too young to listen to Do the Right Thing and then advised me to go to The Edinburugh Fringe Festival. Fair do’s.

The Now Show Recording – Series 39 Episode 7

150190_622615704420624_219931792_nA few weeks ago some friends and I went to a recording of the Now Show, a topical news comedy show, hosted by Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis.
The show was being recorded at our home-away-from-home; RADA Studios. We got there early of course and willed away the hours wait by sitting in the bar but not buying anything. (That joke was sort of made less 522001_622615687753959_604730703_nfunny by the fact that we’re underage anyway).
Then, who’s this?, a random women! No, actually she worked at RADA and was coming round with some sheets where we had to answer the question ‘What disturbs you from work?’ however we had to answer it in a funny way so that it might be read out and be included in the program. Turns out none of  us are very funny people.150182_622615874420607_1393688917_n
The show was a laugh. Most of the sketches revolved around Ed and David Miliband, and most of them were actually quite funny. I can’t remember much more about what happened as it was so long ago (I haven’t posted in ages).
After the show we waited around to get autographs and for the first time we managed to get autographs from the ENTIRE cast!CIMG0033 Like all of them. That was Laura Shavin, Marcus Brigestocke, Jon Holmes, Steve Punt, Mitch Benn and Hugh Dennis (the dad in Outnumbered).
By hanging around after that we were also given some of the scripts, Mitch Benn’s, Marcus Brigestock’s and Hugh Denis’.

I got Hugh Dennis’!