The Now Show Recording – Series 39 Episode 7

150190_622615704420624_219931792_nA few weeks ago some friends and I went to a recording of the Now Show, a topical news comedy show, hosted by Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis.
The show was being recorded at our home-away-from-home; RADA Studios. We got there early of course and willed away the hours wait by sitting in the bar but not buying anything. (That joke was sort of made less 522001_622615687753959_604730703_nfunny by the fact that we’re underage anyway).
Then, who’s this?, a random women! No, actually she worked at RADA and was coming round with some sheets where we had to answer the question ‘What disturbs you from work?’ however we had to answer it in a funny way so that it might be read out and be included in the program. Turns out none of  us are very funny people.150182_622615874420607_1393688917_n
The show was a laugh. Most of the sketches revolved around Ed and David Miliband, and most of them were actually quite funny. I can’t remember much more about what happened as it was so long ago (I haven’t posted in ages).
After the show we waited around to get autographs and for the first time we managed to get autographs from the ENTIRE cast!CIMG0033 Like all of them. That was Laura Shavin, Marcus Brigestocke, Jon Holmes, Steve Punt, Mitch Benn and Hugh Dennis (the dad in Outnumbered).
By hanging around after that we were also given some of the scripts, Mitch Benn’s, Marcus Brigestock’s and Hugh Denis’.

I got Hugh Dennis’!


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  1. ... says:

    Well done! I think you’ll find that the reason you could come up with a funny comment about what desctracts you from work is because you don’t go to work and frequently the funniest comedy is comedy which people can relate to in real life. Therefore it would be hard for you to come up with something funny that actually happens if you haven’t actually experienced work.

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