The Now Show Recording – Series 40 Episode 5

IMG_1289Ok, time for another Radio Recording Post!

It was a few weeks now that I went to a recording of the Now Show (specifically Series 40, Episode 5). It starred regulars Steve Punt, Hugh Denis, Jon Holmes and Mitch Benn with the addition of Marcus Brigstocke and Pippa Evans.

Recorded at RADA, the show was hilarious IMG_1292however I do think my very limited political knowledge stopped me from understanding quite all the sketches. Pippa Evans wrote sung an excellent song which beat that of The Now Show’s resident guitarist; Mitch Benn.

At the end of the show I met some of the stars, sorry, ALL of the stars! I even got producer Colin Anderson’s autograph who seemed very shocked that I wanted it. If BeFunky_null_1.jpgsomeone asks you for your autograph you don’t say no!

I even managed to get one of the actor’s scripts which brings my collection up to three.

John Finnemore’s Priory Engagment

945019_612112578807038_1014082939_nJohn Finnemore, a radio comedian known for writing the popular radio sitcom Cabin Pressure, has currently been working on the third series of his popular sketch show ‘John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme’.  After many months working on the new series, John Finnemore took to his fans to tell him which of his new-penned sketches he should keep and which ones should be dropped. Russlecane.jpgTo do this John Finnemore, along with the rest of the cast of Souvenir Programme, presented a series of 4 comedy afternoons in the Priory Tavern, a small pub in Kilburn. There a large crowed of fans of the show amassed themselves to listen to the cast perform the first drafts of many brilliant sketches that may make the show. LaurieLewyn.jpgHaving attended two of these four evenings, I heard some great new material. I’m probably not allowed to say too much over the Internet but I will just say that my favourite sketches included a storm at sea, a stamp collector and Ian McKellen. Apart from hearing new stuff, another bonus of the evenings was that I got the meet some of the great cast and crew. My list of cast CIMG9257autographs was made complete when I met Lawry Lewin and Simon Kane. I also had the pleasure of meeting producer Ed Morrish and composer Susannah Pearse. The third series of John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme is being recorded next month.

Finished Lord of the Rings! At last!

An era has ended for me, for I have just finished the Lord of the Rings! That’s right, after about half a year of on/off reading, I have finally got to the end of those devilishly hard-to-read books.

Why did it take so long? I really don’t know. The truth is that the Lord of the Rings are excellent books, excellently written and following an excellent storyline. And when you consider to wealth of background detail which has gone into these stories, you’d be hard placed not to find someone who would not be amazed. However I think that the reason it took me so long to get through these books was that, despite being amazing, they took a lot of concentration to get into the words, to take in the story, which meant that I could only really read a few pages at a time. Another thing that added some 2 months to the process, was the fact that at the back of the last book is the Appendices. These are 100 pages of background information to the Lord of the Rings, half of which is good, a quarter is ok and the last quarter is incredibly boring.

Now, most of my thoughts were ‘How is this book the same or different to the films’. Well the answer varied. At some points Peter Jackson’s films followed the book to the word wheras at other points it differed intensly with scenes being dropped out or put in. Mostly this was for the better however there were a few occasions when it was not (see old posts).

I would defiantly recommend these books to anyone who loves reading, reading fantasy and reading fantasy for months on end.