Finished Lord of the Rings! At last!

An era has ended for me, for I have just finished the Lord of the Rings! That’s right, after about half a year of on/off reading, I have finally got to the end of those devilishly hard-to-read books.

Why did it take so long? I really don’t know. The truth is that the Lord of the Rings are excellent books, excellently written and following an excellent storyline. And when you consider to wealth of background detail which has gone into these stories, you’d be hard placed not to find someone who would not be amazed. However I think that the reason it took me so long to get through these books was that, despite being amazing, they took a lot of concentration to get into the words, to take in the story, which meant that I could only really read a few pages at a time. Another thing that added some 2 months to the process, was the fact that at the back of the last book is the Appendices. These are 100 pages of background information to the Lord of the Rings, half of which is good, a quarter is ok and the last quarter is incredibly boring.

Now, most of my thoughts were ‘How is this book the same or different to the films’. Well the answer varied. At some points Peter Jackson’s films followed the book to the word wheras at other points it differed intensly with scenes being dropped out or put in. Mostly this was for the better however there were a few occasions when it was not (see old posts).

I would defiantly recommend these books to anyone who loves reading, reading fantasy and reading fantasy for months on end.



10 Comments Add yours

  1. You Know Who says:

    Could I just take a poll:

    Who is your favourite Character from the Lord of the Rings from?:

    1. ... says:

      Personally I would say:
      Frodo ’cause he sounds like a Freddo chocolate bar

      1. VlarVlar says:

        Tim, stop making multiple accounts just to comment here.

  2. You Know Who says:

    Wow it’s getting real busy online here
    I’m liking it!

    1. VlarVlar says:

      Tim, GO AWAY!!!

      1. ... says:

        Hey Tim is me, ….
        Not You Know Who

  3. 'ello says:

    I congratulate you, a job well done!
    Do you know how many words in total you read in the Lord of the Rings series?

    1. VlarVlar says:

      Um, no but I’m sure it’s somewhere on the Internet. Have you read them?

      1. 'ello says:

        I can’t say I have myself, maybe one day I will get round to the monstrous task

    2. You says:

      Hi ‘ello

      If you were interested, by rough calculation there are:

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