Infinite Monkey Cage Recording – Series 8 Episode 5

IMG_1429An email popped into my inbox recently, telling me that I had a couple of tickets to a recording of the Infinite Monkey Cage.

For those of you who don’t know, the Infinite Monkey Cage is a BBC Science Podcast, hosted by Brian Cox and Robin Ince. Each week they take an area of science and talk about it with their guest panel. The Podcast, whilst mainly being scientific, has a small bit IMG_1427of humor in it and what better to outline this then a studio audience?

So I arrived a BBC Broadcasting House / BBC Radio Theater, whatever you want to call it and entered the recording hall, where some fancy tables were set up on the stage for the panelists to sit at. Soon the hosts came on and their panel (which consisted of two scientists I’d never heard of and a stupid IMG_1430American Comedian who wasn’t funny). In fact none of the show was funny however surprisingly, me not being a very sciencey guy, it was incredibly interesting.

The theme was Darwin’s Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection. I found myself learning loads that I hadn’t known before.

At the end of the performance, me and my friends hung around outside the staff door to radio theater and were finally blessed with the sight of Brian Cox coming out. I got his autograph!!! That was a lovely day.


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