A Work Experience Chronicle

IMG_4395Over the last two weeks I did a bit of work experience. Exciting or what? Basically just teenagers diving headfirst into any given workplace and pretending they’re good at doing, well nothing.

So I did my work experience at a Primary School. An obvious choice I know but I did it not because I’m woefully unoriginal but because I actually want to be a teacher.

It was lovely there. The children were lovely (annoying but lovely). The staff were lovely. Even the automated doors were lovely. To open them you needed a staff clearance card, something I didn’t have meaning I would have to buzz reception anytime I wanted to go anywhere.

IMG_4392If you don’t know what you do when you do work experience in a school. Its mainly just sitting in classrooms answering annoying questions like “How do you spell ginormous” or “What’s the date?”.

No despite all that stuff I did enjoy myself. I even got a chance to read the child protection policy. ALL OF IT! It’s quite funny actually. There’s a whole 6 pages devoted to the bomb scare procedure.

It has go far as to encourage my stupid ambition of wanting to become a teacher. Whoppe-do.



The Story of Damian the Watchmaker

CIMG0001Damian was a young German watchmaker. Watchmaking was a very hard-to-learn craft but Damian followed his passion dearly, studying day and night to try and pass his watchmaking exams.

Being German, Damian like cold, dark and scary graveyards and so one night, he decided to take a walk in a cold, dark and scary graveyard.

He was walking along, perfectly content with his own company when suddenly a white rabbit in a green waist coat bounded past him and down a rabbit hole. “Well oh well” said Damian, in his stereotypically German accent. “I must follow that rabbit, after all I have nothing better to do than start scrambling down rabbit holes.”

He bounded too the hole and jumped in. Quite luckily, the hole was a substantial one for Damian was a substantial man. He reached the bottom in no time.

Now you all know the story of Alice and Wonderland and so you all know that when Damian reached the bottom, he was confronted with a tiny little door, a table and an array of foodstuffs that make you bigger or smaller. Damian however, had not read Alice and Wonderland and so he put himself through the tiring business of going smaller and then going bigger again to get a key and then smaller once again. It’s the same routine we’ve all had to sit through when it’s been on TV.

Anyway, soon Damian was through the tiny little door and he found himself in a wonderful land! It was Wonderland! Then he had a heart attack and died.


The End.