A Work Experience Chronicle

IMG_4395Over the last two weeks I did a bit of work experience. Exciting or what? Basically just teenagers diving headfirst into any given workplace and pretending they’re good at doing, well nothing.

So I did my work experience at a Primary School. An obvious choice I know but I did it not because I’m woefully unoriginal but because I actually want to be a teacher.

It was lovely there. The children were lovely (annoying but lovely). The staff were lovely. Even the automated doors were lovely. To open them you needed a staff clearance card, something I didn’t have meaning I would have to buzz reception anytime I wanted to go anywhere.

IMG_4392If you don’t know what you do when you do work experience in a school. Its mainly just sitting in classrooms answering annoying questions like “How do you spell ginormous” or “What’s the date?”.

No despite all that stuff I did enjoy myself. I even got a chance to read the child protection policy. ALL OF IT! It’s quite funny actually. There’s a whole 6 pages devoted to the bomb scare procedure.

It has go far as to encourage my stupid ambition of wanting to become a teacher. Whoppe-do.




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Guess Who says:

    Nice one, sounds like you had a good time. Also I didn’t even realise ginormous was a real word!

    1. VlarVlar says:

      It’s not, something I had to tell about a dozen 9 year olds.

      1. ... says:

        They must of been crushed, they’re only 9 you know!
        Also splendid photo

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