Man Down Episode 1 Review

Greg DaviesIt really says something about a new sitcom when an opinion can be formed, especially when that opinion boils down to ‘this is crap’.

Man Down is a new sitcom by comedy giant Greg Davies, the star of successful series such as the Inbetweeners and last year’s Cuckoo. But if the first episode is laying the ground for the rest, I hardly think this will be added to his list of success.

The series follows Dan (played by Davies), who’s a Middle Ages teacher who, at the start of the episode, breaks up from his girlfriend. In fairness I don’t blame her. If I were her I would have done exactly the same, if not only to get away from the world of the cliched characters, situations and jokes which I’m sure were deemed very funny when written.

Man DownThese include Dan’s dad attacking him dressed as a bear, Dan’s friend Jo spray painting over an office wall and a man shoving Davies out of shop with no trousers on. How hilarious.

If you haven’t yet seen the episode then, I envy you.


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