Dilemma Recording – Series 3 Episode 3

I don’t really watch panel shows. I must admit that when conversations with my fandom-friends drifts to 8 out of 10 Cats, A League of their Own or Was it Something I Said, I don’t really have anything to add. However one of the two panel shows with which I do frequent myself (the other being QI) is Dilemma.

Dilemma is a radio panel show, hosted by Bake-Off’s own Sue Perkins. Within the show the panelists answer a series of moral dilemmas as well as a quick fire-round and answering the audience’s own Moral Issues.

???????????????????????????????The panelists themselves are usually more obscure comedians however the odd celebratory has popped up, including Danielle Ward and John Finnemore.

The other night I went to a recording of Dilemma, all set for broadcast next year, when the third series will go on air.

??????????????????????????????? The recording took place at BBC Radio Theater, a location I have both scorned and praised for it’s over modern and patronising feel. But it’s not where you’re at, it’s the content of the show that matters and this episode was packed with ridiculous but spectacular laughs from a panel containing not one familiar face.

After a show filled with questions like ‘What do you say when I you’ve killed your neighbor’s cat, in front of another neighbor?’, me and my friends waited keenly outside to gather autographs for our now swelling collections. And HURUMBLE!!! I met Sue Perkins!



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  1. ... says:

    She is from Croydon you know!

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