The Escape Artist Review

It is a really terrible thing to see a man with everything he ever wanted; the perfect job, the perfect home, the perfect family, descend so utterly and completely, to become capable of murder.

This is what we see happen to Will Burton; a rich and successful lawyer whom we met just three episodes ago, at the start of David Tennant’s compelling new drama; The Escape Artist.

David Tennant in The Escape Artist

In that time we have seen this man go through an unspeakable loss, finding his wife dead in front of him, killed by a man he just let walk free from a murder charge. What’s more we see the murderer walk free again, aided by a woman Burton know’s as a colleague and a friend. Toby Kebbell gives us an amazing performance as Liam Foyle; the unhinged sociopath with a taste for violence. He goes about his business in such a carefree way, a speaks in such a reassuring tone, that the audience can become chilled without him even raising his voice. He truly is one of the best villains I have seen on the BBC, since Andrew Scott’s performance as Moriarty.

But without a doubt, it is David Tennant who gives the greatest performance as William Burton is changed into an empty shell, a man entirely fixed on revenge and a man with the perfect mid capable of delivering it. The confrontation between these two perfect charecters is chilling, leaving the audience wondering who they want to triumph.

Toby Kebbell and David Tennant in The Escape Artist

In the end, Burton walks free, the man he loathes dead but yet still a devestating hole in his family.

David Wolstencroft, the writer of this brilliant drama, really has to be commended for packing such a compelling story into a three part drama which in no way feels rushed. Whoever did the casting should also be acknowledged as the entire lot gave brilliant performances with great acting also coming from co-stars Sophie Okonedo and Monica Dolan. The BBC really needs some more dramas like this, my knowledge of the criminal court has really improved.


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  1. Dllll rrr Frumms Be Wo Te Pogiff Kwii EEE says:

    David Tennant, what an actor!

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