My First Planet Recording – Series 2 Episodes 3&4

I really have been going to a lot of radio recordings, but, you’ve gotta go when they come.

So quite recently I went to the recording of episodes 3 & 4 of My First Planet Series 2, a radio sitcom starring Nicholas Lyndhurst. For those of you who don’t know it, it is set on a newly founded space colony. Brian (Lyndhurst) has been made colony commander after the original leader died en-route. He is assisted by his odd and unscrupulous team including Lead Scientific Adviser Mason (Tom Goodman-Hill), Plumber and ‘wannabe’ empath ‘Archer’ (Phil Whelans) and those appointed with the task of making a baby, who actually lied about being a couple just to get on the trip (John Dorney and Letty Butler). Vicki Pepperdine also appears as Medical Officer Lillian and Brian’s nemesis.

My First Planet Cast - Series 2 Episode 4

The gang get into all sorts of troubles and adventures which I’m perfectly certain would be far too common in space. The first episode sees them meet and form a quiz team with a talking plant whilst the second sees Brian overruled as top job is almost taken by somebody you’d least expect.

Me and Nicholas Lyndhurst

Although I could rant on about the truly epic theme music, instead I’ll talk about the acting. The actors work so seamlessly together that you can easily visualise the vents unfolding, a definite nesecity for radio. Another cert for Radio Comedy are overreactions, something Lyndhurst takes in his stride as his bumbling charecter struggles to maintain control. Tom Goodman-Hill is also excellent, reeling off jokes in the calm, faultless tone of his charecter Mason. Guest star Tom Meeton also did a good job as the secretive Head-of-Security.

Me and John Dorney

My First Planet returns Spring next year.


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  1. Phil Whelans says:

    Hi Penpal,
    I’d love to get copies of a couple of those photos from the My First Planet recording. Is that poss?

    1. Yep, just sent some off to you.
      Thanks for checking out my blog!

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