That Mitchell and Webb Sound Recording – Series 5 Episode 4

Is it worrying to not know who Little Mix are? I know it’s quite unusual but I wouldn’t say that ‘worrying’ is the appropriate adjective. Well anyway, I was up at the BBC the other night, to go and see David Mitchell and Robert Webb record the fifth series of their Radio Sketch Show – That Mitchell and Webb Sound. And by complete coincidence, Little Mix were performing round the corner at Radio 1. So I joined the crowd of anxious teenage girls and met two of Little Mix, don’t ask me which ones. They turned out to be far from the boyband I expected.

That Mitchell and Webb SoundSo on to the topic of this article; That Mitchell and Webb Sound. It’s a sketch show written by and starring the comedy duo; Mitchell and Webb along with their frequent collaborators Olivia Coleman and James Bachman. The show has spawned four series, the last of which was broadcast in 2009 and with such a long absence, many fans were worried that the sketch show would never return until earlier this year when it was announced the show would be returning once again. However to fan’s great joy, a fifth series was commissioned, one episode of which I went to.

That Mitchell and Webb Sound - Robert WebbSo what funny sketches did ‘da crew have for us? Well for starters we found out what joys life holds when you’ve cured cancer (ie. not having to receive telephone calls about third world poverty). We also heard how damaging the White Witch’s scheme of ‘winter but never Christmas’ is to Narnia’s retail industry. My favourite sketch by far was writen by John Finnemore showing a husband and wife telling a story however they can never really agree on the facts.

So at the end of the show I went outside and met three of the cast; Mitchell, Webb and Coleman. They were very nice, here’s some photos:

Me and That Mitchell and Webb Cast


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