Ayres on the Air Recording – Series 5 Episodes 1&2

My friend and I are great fans of the radio sitcom ‘Cabin Pressure’ and it is an ambition of ours to meet every actor who has been in the show. So when tickets became available for a sketch and poetry show ‘Ayres on the Air’ we leapt at the chance to go, sorely to meet Geoffrey Whitehead who has appeared three times in CP.

Pam Ayres and Geoffrey WhiteheadWe arrived dreading the show (needless to say neither of us are budding poets), however excited at the chance of meeting Mr Whitehead. We were amused but not altogether surprised to find that we were the youngest members of the audience, in fact the only members below the age of 40.

So as we were headed into the theatre, preparing ourselves for the worst, dreading the two shows that were being recorded that night we were pleasantly surprised to find that the show was actually quite good.

Me and Pam AyresNow I must admit, I am the last person to admire poetry but this show definitely changed my view. Pam Ayres (who wrote and starred in the show) performed wonderfully, her poems were great and the sketches were funny. It seems that poetry can be quite entertaining. The two episodes that were recorded were centered around horse and the home. We even got to meet Geoffrey Whitehead so that was a relief.

Me and Geoffrey WhiteheadI would definatley recommend giving this show a try, even if you’re not normally interested in poetry.


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