The Horne Section Recording – New Years Special

It seems there is nothing that gets you in a festive mood more than a couple of men in Christmas jumpers singing at you. And that is basically what I got from going to a recording of The Horne Section’s New Year special the other day.

The Horne Section, for those of you who don’t know, is a comedy band group led by Mr Alex Horne. They made their mark singing joke-filled songs at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe a couple of years a go and since then have been putting on shows across London and have even been given their own Radio 4 show.

???????????????????????????????The episode, which will be broadcast on both New Years Eve and New Years Day on BBC Radio 4, contained a whole host of hilarious jokey songs centred around Christmas and the New Year. These included the band’s own song ‘Manger Danger’, a melody about Christmas for parents and a tribute to Chinese Five Spice. Some great guest stars also turned up including Milton Jones being as stupid as normal, Jenny Bede singing about Christmas Jumpers and Beardyman doing some weird stuff with his voice.

???????????????????????????????What was nice about the show was that it contained lots of audience participation. At the beginning the whole audience had a massive and embarrassing game of twister (hold the shoulder of the person on your left, hug the person in front etc.). During the show a man at the front of the crowd named Chris had to record a humiliating melody of ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’, I’m sure none of us would have liked to have been in his shoes. And at the end of the show the whole audience joined to sing Auld Lang Syne to celebrate the New Year.

IMG_6301 - CopyIt was a lovely show and has certainly got me ready for the fast approaching Christmas and New Year. I also got a script to add to my growing pile!


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