Blandings – Throwing Eggs Review

So it’s around that time of year when scores of last year’s comedy successes begin to return to our screens. Not only does that mean the return of Pramface and the elusive Jonathan Creek but means we see Blandings return, a series based on the works of the great PG Woodehouse.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Blandings is a delightfully light-hearted comedy drama, set at Blandings Castle, the home to Lord Clarence Emsworth (Peter Pettigrew himself Timothy Spall) and his irritable sister Connie (what’s her name, oh yeah Jennifer Saunders). They are constantly visited by Clarence’s son Freddie (the great yet so far unrecognised Jack Farthing) and waited on by their butler Beach (Tim Vine taking over from Mr Weasley, sorry Mark Williams).

Picture1Series two jumps straight back into the action with Harry Enfield guest starring as the Duke of Dunstable, an old, grumpy, grouchy, shouty man visiting Clarence and bringing his niece with him as (*cliché alert*) he doesn’t approve of who she wants to marry. Harry Enfield completely steals the show for this episode. His character is hilarious and oddly likeable. If only Downton Abby were like this!

Tim Vine however doesn’t add much to the show. Admittedly he is inheriting a bland, boring character but you would think a comedy legend such as he could spin a few laughs out of the character.

Picture2The story line for the first episode is average with none other than Matthew Baynton popping up in the middle. I think it makes for a great start for the second series and is certainly better than some of the mediocre episodes in series one.

So that’s my verdict for the first episode. Let us home a great new series is to follow!


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  1. ..........................................................................................GLORIA! says:

    Cool new photo, what happened to the eye!

    1. Gone forever. Wasn’t even mine.

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