The Horne Section Recording – Series 3 Episode 5&6

So on Friday night I went to another Radio Recording, this time for ‘The Horne Section’. ‘The Horne Section’ are a comedy jazz club who tour the UK doing shows and stuff. Anyways, back in 2012 they were given their own radio show for BBC Radio 4 which is just about to broadcast its 3rd series.

???????????????????????????????The episodes are each supposed to have their own topic however almost always go bizarrely off-key. For instance episode 6 (the second episode I was at) was based around shopping and consumerism however split into many tangents including music festivals, twerking and a jingle for a milk advert. The episodes also have (not)famous comedians on them, ranting and singing off-tune about whatever they think is funny.

???????????????????????????????The first episode I saw contained Marcus Brigstocke (that annoying man whom I hate) talking about France or something. The second show saw Adam Buxton come to the stage. He was actually quite funny, performing some nice banter with the group’s leader Alex Horne before going on to sing some songs he’d written about… actually I’ve forgotten.

Picture1After the show I met the entire band (and got them all to sign a great picture of them)! I also met guest star Adam Buxton and Pedro; a guest saxophonist who has the most amaaaazing voice ever! Anyway, it was a great evening and the show will be broadcast later this year.

CIMG0324 - Copy


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  1. Come and Click me! says:

    Very impressive haul Philip, big add to the collection 😉

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