Blocked Recording

David Mitchell. He’s a man of many talents, namely Radio Comedy, Panel Shows and QI. I watched him perform a couple of months ago at a recording of ‘That Mitchell and Webb Sound’ Series 5 and yesterday I got the pleasure of hearing his voice again, this time recording a new sitcom pilot for Radio 4.

The recording took place at BBC Radio Theater, a venue that not only boasts nice chairs, nice lighting and headache-enduring jazz music but I saw Reece Buttery coming out of it! Fun times!

Blocked RecordingSo the pilot focuses on Felix (played by Mitchell), a once famous novelist but now the grumpy manager of a small theatre. I must admit I initially found this set-up odd however the episode managed to put the characters into the some great situations and by the end of the show I couldn’t think of a better setting.

Mitchell is joined by co-stars Lorna Watson (Watson & Oliver) as Felix’s long-suffering wife Nettie, Poppy Rush (Inside No. 9) as their daughter and Chris Ramsey (Hebburn) as her boyfriend.

Me and David MitchellThe main storyline of the episode was that the theatre was hosting a children’s play and the staff all need to CRB checked. I can’t give away much of the plotline however it includes a missing child, a pregnant dog, a dead CRB inspector and a mysterious insight into one of the character’s pasts.

Me and Chris RamseyAfter the show I (obviously) went to meet the cast, all of whom were lovely. Chris Ramsey from Hebburn, which I’ve never watched but I’m sure some people have, was very nice indeed and gave me two autographs and a photo! I even got Poppy Rush to sign a poster for her episode of Inside No. so that was nice.

In conclusion (what is this, an english essay?) I thought the pilot was superb and I’ll be very surprised if the show isn’t commissioned for a full series.


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  1. Them says:

    Cool, I will look forward to the release of a promising new series!

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