John Finnemore’s Library Edition 1

The summer is dawning which means a new series of John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme is in the making. In preparation for the final recordings of series 4, John Finnemore put together a ‘try-out’ of material that may make it into the final show and performed it in front of a live audience at Kensington Library.

???????????????????????????????Souvenir Programme is a radio sketch show, written by and starring John Finnemore with a supporting cast made up of Margaret Cabourn-Smith (Miranda), Lawry Lewin (Doctor Who), Simon Kane (who has an amazing voice) and Carrie Quinlan (who writes for the Now Show). Unfortunately however only Simon Kane could attend, causing Finnemore to call on his fiends Susie Kane (Bleak Expectations) and Kieran Hodgson (King Maxie in Cabin Pressure).

???????????????????????????????The content was great with some nice new sketches (full of references to Belgium) and a superb (if a bit long-winded) ‘Now you ask me’ tale involving the narrator stopping at a dodgy hotel. Although the show didn’t have quite the same feeling without the full cast, Susie and Kieran filled the gaps wonderfully even though the stumbled somehwat on some of the accents. After the show I met the cast who were lovely and posed for some pictures. Here is me with King Maxie, I mean, Kieran Hodgson!

???????????????????????????????John Finnemore’s Spuvenir Programme Series 4 airs later this year.


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