Welcome to Our Village Recording – Series 2 Episode 3

A few weeks ago I travelled up to BBC Radio Theatre to witness the recording of another episode of ‘Welcome to Our village, Please Invade Carefully’. The show is centred around a small English Village which has been taken over by aliens. The residents have been completely cut off from the outside world and their every move is monitored by the alien commander; Uljabaan. However it turns out that the only thing the residents really care about is the state of their allotments and making arrangements for the annual village fair.

Me and Hattie MorahanThe series stars Hattie Morahan as Katrina Lyons; the protagonist and only person who wants to escape from the aliens. Also starring is Hannah Murray as Lucy; Katrina’s only companion on her bid to escape, Peter Davison and Jan Francis as Katrina’s parents and Charlie Edwards as Field Commander Uljabaan; the Alien Captain.

Me and Hannah MurrayThe third episode of the second series revolved around preparations for the village fête with Jan Francis’ Margaret Lyons taking centre stage in planning the festivities. Meanwhile Hannah Murray’s Lucy discovered her talent for singing and playing the guitar, prompting Katrina to launch a plan to have Lucy sing anti-propaganda songs against their alien captors.

Me and Grace PetrieThe episode was excellent and a great addition to the series. Hannah Murray proved her worth with some great singing whilst guest musician Grace Petrie was superb on the guitar. Afterwards I met most of the cast and got an autograph from THE DOCTOR!!! (Peter Davison)


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  1. You've probably already guessed it.....it's me! says:

    Hi, sounds like a pretty good series. I will investigate!

    How are you holidays going? I’m writing to ask as to whether or not Tim has spoken to you about meeting up of Wednesday to play a big game of Risk? If he hasn’t would it be something you would be interested in doing?

    Ps. this is in a comment because my e-mail just won’t work

    1. He hasn’t been in touch at all! Anyway, the only Wednesday I can do is the 20th of August.

      1. dot.com says:

        oh, okay. don’t worry. Hope your enjoying your time off

      2. How’s sunday to do the premier? It’s the only day both Tim and I can do before you go away.

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