John Finnemore’s Library Edition 2

With live recordings of ‘John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme’ series 4 on the horizon, John and co set off to Kensington Library to ‘try-out’ some material for the new series in his second ‘Library Edition’.

???????????????????????????????Joining John were his co-stars Simon Kane and Carrie Quinlan. The content for this ‘try-out’ was mainly revamped material from the first library edition, with a few new sketches thrown in. It was great to hear the wonderful ‘Belgium is the Best’ song again, this time with Susannah Pearce on piano as well as sketches like Victor Hugo sharing his book with Quasimodo and The ‘Wallabies’ family.

???????????????????????????????We also got to hear a revised version of john’s latest ‘So you ask Me’, possibly one of his best yet.  After the show I got some autographs from the cast including Carrie Quinlan, Susannah Pearce, Simon Kane and, the man himself, John Finnemore!

The series will be broadcast in October on BBC Radio 4.



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  1. I'm the Terminator of the Internet says:

    Yay kwa kila mtu ambaye anapenda Finnemore

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