With school, education and any kind of work being a distant memory, I can now put my summer to good use (a.k.a Radio Recordings, Lord of the Rings and Lego).

However, with so much time on my hands a lot becomes wasted and even more squandered on useless and pointless tasks. One example that immediately pops to mind is the three hours I spent building and Lego TARDIS…

Lego Tardis…although it is pretty cool.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. You've probably already guessed it.....it's me! says:

    I would not describe that as time squandered! That model just earn’t you 15 of Tim.E’s lad points!

    1. I’ve already shown him and believe me, I have his full approval!

    2. It's me #Mark 2 says:

      Well, he has earnt it ;D But honestly Philip 3 hours?

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