Lewis Macleod is Not Himself Recording – Episodes 1 & 2

Lewis Macleod; know to Radio 4 listeners for being part of the satirical news show ‘Newsjack’, to children for being the voice of Postman Pat, and to die-hard Harry Potter fans for voicing Dumbledore in the series of video-games.

However not many people know that ‘the voice of Postman Pat’ is actually a great comedian and impressionist and it was through this that I met him the other day.

???????????????????????????????It was at a recording of his brand new impressions show ‘Lewis Macleod is Not Himself’ for BBC Radio 4. I must admit not being that keen on impressions (mostly because I never know who the people are supposed to be), but I decided to give it a go anyway, it is Postman Pat after all!

The show co-starred Duncan Wisbey, Julian Dutton and Kate O’Sullivan whilst being produced by The Now Show’s Lyndsay Fenner.

???????????????????????????????The format was very odd indeed, a mix between sketch and un-related narration. Whilst the show was ok it would not be something I would listen to at home. The two episodes I heard were just about saved by a love song from Greg Wallace to Mary Berry, a narrate-off between Morgan Freeman and David Attenborough (R.I.P) and an uncanny impersonation of Sean Bean.

Lewis Macleod is Not Himself will be broadcast this September on BBC Radio 4.

Not Going Out Recording – Series 7 Episode 8

After a year and a half of regularity attending BBC Radio Recordings, I decided to try something different, the recording of a TV show. The show in question was the BBC 1 sitcom ‘Not Going Out’. The show focuses around Lee (played by comedian Lee Mack) who spends his life doing nothing and getting on the nerves of his landlady Lucy (Sally Bretton) and her friend Daisy (Katy Wix).

IMG_1056The episode I saw filming was form the seventh (and last) series of the show. Although I can’t tell you anything about the storyline (or else the beeb will probably chop of my head) but I can say that it was set in an unusual setting, much like the episode ‘Skiing’ from the sixth series.

IMG_7917 - CopyIt was interesting to see a TV show being made as opposed to radio. Each scene had to be recorded twice, plus the many more mishaps that took place. The audience was ‘entertained’ by comedian Ray Peacock whom has to be the least funny person to walk this earth. His jokes were rubbish, his laugh irritating and he seemed to take a lot of joy from scribbling in someone else’s book.

IMG_1057Although I couldn’t meet the main cast (due to trains ‘n’ stuff) I did manage to meet some of the guest stars including High Dennis! Plus I grabbed a selfie with a poster of Lee and Tim, is there anything better than that?

The News Quiz Recording (sort of) – Series 84 Episode 7

So a new episode of the News Quiz was being recorded last week and, despite not having tickets to sit in the studio audience of the show, I went along anyway, to wait outside to meet the cast. #funlife

???????????????????????????????The News Quiz is a radio panel show in which panellists look over the weeks news and laugh about it. It is chaired by Sandi Toksvig (pictured) and features Jeremy Hardy as a regular panellist. The episode I waited outside of also feature David Mitchell, Andy Hamilton and Rebecca Front.

???????????????????????????????So in the end I met the cast (save Rebecca Front who I mistook for someone who just looks like Rebecca Front) and walked away with a healthy haul of autographs. Sandi Toksvig was especially nice.