Lewis Macleod is Not Himself Recording – Episodes 1 & 2

Lewis Macleod; know to Radio 4 listeners for being part of the satirical news show ‘Newsjack’, to children for being the voice of Postman Pat, and to die-hard Harry Potter fans for voicing Dumbledore in the series of video-games.

However not many people know that ‘the voice of Postman Pat’ is actually a great comedian and impressionist and it was through this that I met him the other day.

???????????????????????????????It was at a recording of his brand new impressions show ‘Lewis Macleod is Not Himself’ for BBC Radio 4. I must admit not being that keen on impressions (mostly because I never know who the people are supposed to be), but I decided to give it a go anyway, it is Postman Pat after all!

The show co-starred Duncan Wisbey, Julian Dutton and Kate O’Sullivan whilst being produced by The Now Show’s Lyndsay Fenner.

???????????????????????????????The format was very odd indeed, a mix between sketch and un-related narration. Whilst the show was ok it would not be something I would listen to at home. The two episodes I heard were just about saved by a love song from Greg Wallace to Mary Berry, a narrate-off between Morgan Freeman and David Attenborough (R.I.P) and an uncanny impersonation of Sean Bean.

Lewis Macleod is Not Himself will be broadcast this September on BBC Radio 4.


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  1. lw says:

    You do know David Attenborough isn’t dead, right? 🙂

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