Dead Ringers Recording – Series 12 Episode 2

Dead Ringers is a topical impressions show, broadcast on BBC Radio 4. It ran for eleven series between 2000 and 2005. On July this year, seven years after the last full series, Dead Ringers made a high profile return to our screens (well radios, whatever).

Dead RingersSeries 12 sees impressionist giants Jon Culshaw and Jan Ravens return, joined by Lewis Macleod (Postman Pat!) and Duncan Wisbey. I was present at the recording of episode two which featured a number of sketches including David Mitchell popping up in Eastenders. a ‘Great British Bake-Off’ parody, some prank calls to real places and some puns about Barack Obama (which I can’t really remember).

DR 2The episode was ok, perhaps it would have helped if I had know who all the people were. I think i probably prefer news shows such as The Now Show or Newsjack however I wouldn’t be against hearing Dead Ringers again.

After the show I met the delightful cast, including Mr Potman Pat!


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