Start/Stop Recording – Series 2

So yeah, went to another recording last week met the cast, met Olly Murs and got myself on the One Show! Not a bad evening. 

So the show was called Stop/Start and its romantic comedy from BBC Radio 4. It focuses on three failing marriages and the situations the couples find themselves in with each other, as a group and on their own. The show is rather unique in that the characters often address the audience in an ‘internal monologue’ sort of way.

???????????????????????????????The show is written by and stars Jack Docherty (the big Scottish guy from Badults) and also stars Kerry Godliman (Our Girl, Derek), Charlie Higson (yep, the children’s author) and Sally Brett (Not Going Out). 

The two episodes I saw being recorded featured a date night between the three couples and a friend’s wedding. They also had John Noble (the real voice of Siri) providing the voice of Siri. ???????????????????????????????Although I have never got round to listening to series one of the program, I settled straight into the drama. The writing was great and the quality of the character’s thoughts was superb. I look forward to hearing the rest of the series when it broadcasts on BBC Radio 4, later in the year. Picture2So what else happened? Oh yeah, Olly Murs! He was on Radio 1 earlier in the day and was just signing for people when we arrived, surrounded by a mob of sobbing fan girls. I got a selfie and an autograph! What a lovely man!

Picture1Oh yeah, the One Show! There I am behind Chris Evans. Wish I was looking at the camera though…

Picture3Thanks for the photos.


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