2015… A good thing?

Yay it’s 2015. That’s a good thing right, surely it’s a good thing? Or does it just mean I’ve just wasted a whole year of my life doing absolutely nothing?

Nope, it must be a good thing.

But 2015 aye, a new year, with new stuff to do, heaps more school work, some great returning TV shows and of course more blogging! Everybody say “YES! We love your blog Philip!”

So yeah, I wish everyone a great 2015, hope your New Year resolutions are fulfilled and please come back, I’ll still be here. Below is a short video I made of the London fireworks, that I can see from my house. Although, if you turn the screen off it could easily pass for the Blitz.


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  1. ... says:

    YES! We love your blog Philip!

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