Chain Reaction Recording – Olivia Colman and Sharon Horgan

Back in October 2014 (I have oft said that my writing habits are somewhat irregular) I visited the Beeb once again to see a recording of Chain Reaction, featuring comedian Sharon Horgan and the face of British television; Olivia Colman.

Sharon Horgan
The producers of Chain Reaction call it a ‘tag team interview show’ with each interviewee becoming the interviewer in the next episode. The series has had some big names attached to it in the past with this series featuring Derren Brown, Reece Shearsmith and comedy duo Vic and Bob.

Olivia Colman
In this episode comedian Sharon Horgan (currently starring in Channel Four’s Catastrophe) was being interviewed by the one and only Olivia Colman (star of Rev, Broadchurch, Green Wing, Doctor Who, Twenty Twelve and pretty much everything else on TV). The questions, written by Colman herself (what a woman!) were diverse, covering everything from her writing environment to her relationship with the cast of Pulling. It was an entertaining interview I must admit, but then it would have to be, surely.

Me and Olivia ColmanAfter the show Horgan slipped through my fingers, damn, but I did meet and talk to the lovely Olivia Colman, who posed for photo and signed autographs for me and my friends. What a lovely woman! I mean, who doesn’t love Olivia Colman?


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