Peter Kay’s Car Share, Episode 1 Review

Usually if a TV show is bad, I just turn it off and watch something else, but for Peter Kay’s latest sitcom; Car Share, I had to make an exception. I could hardly write a long and ranty blog post about it without watching it, could I?

The program focusses on John (Kay) who, due to a work car share scheme, finds himself driving colleague Kayleigh to work every day. And we viewers are treated to the supreme pleasure of watching these two polar opposites pass witty remarks at each other, and get into ‘hilarious’ situations. Also, the whole thing takes place inside a car. A car.

Car ShareSo what were these ‘hilarious’ situations in episode 1? Well, aside from an incident involving a bottle of urine and a lengthy conversation about how Kayleigh assumed John to be gay, there wasn’t anything really. The blatant use of green screen was funny, I’ll give them that.

And what makes the whole situation worse is Kay’s complete lack of ability in the field of acting. I won’t claim to be an expert of course, but driving round shouting lines in a monotone Lancashire accent does not count as acting. I would never claim him to be the worst actor ever, for that title surely must belong to his co-star Sian Gibson, who’s thoroughly one-dimensional character Kayleigh nearly drove me mad with a mix of exasperation and boredom.

I certainly will not be watching the rest of the series, due to my arrangements to scour my soul to remove any memory of the first, abysmal episode. Whilst it’s a shame to see such a great comedian lowered to such a terribly un-funny program, it was certainly to be expected when the beeb announced they were chucking all the episodes on iPlayer at once.

News Quiz and Newsjack Recordings

The thing with growing older and starting to care about the fate of the world, is that you actually understand the political jokes on Radio 4!… or so I’ve been told.

So I’ve been to two more radio recordings recently; The News Quiz and Newsjack, and I’ll be reviewing both of them here in a crazy cross-over post! Oh how exciting.

News Quiz

The News Quiz Series 86, Episode 1

When all looks bleak and empty, along comes Sandi Toksvig to brighten up your [life] bringing yet another series of everyone’s favourite topical panel show; the News Quiz. As a new series started her guests were Jeremy Hardy, Susan Calman, Samira Ahmed (a journalist) and Phil Jupitus. The topics under discussion varied nicely, with politics (wooo!) getting a fair dollop of airtime, as did the fate of the BBC and Susan Calman’s internet browsing habits. Whilst it’s fair to say most of Phil Jupitus’ jokes fell flat, Sandi did make one hilarious joke concerning the nation’s unemployed.

News Quiz“I’m sure we can find plenty of things for the unemployed to do, marrying Stephen Fry for example.”

I met Toksvig, Hardy, Calman and Ahmed after the show; for autographs and banter!

News Quiz Autographs

Newsjack Series 12, Episode 6

And so comes to an end Nish Kumar’s first series as host of Newsjack. I won’t lie, I was sceptical at his casting but he’s done surprisingly well. Whilst it’s hard for anyone to reach the level of Justin Edwards, he’s certainly put 2014’s Romesh Ranganathan to shame.

Newsjack - Nish KumarAnyways, the episode was highly politics-based with the upcoming election parodied on so many different fronts. We were also treated to some racist James Bond, sexual pandas and of course some witty witty one-liners.

Autographs followed the show, obviously, and many of the cast signed by increasingly crowded chopping board (don’t worry, you’ll see it eventually).

NesjackBoth shows will return later in the year, for now though we’ll have to content ourselves with… the election!